How to use Project Management concepts on a Web development enviroment


Nowadays, is really popular to use websites to promote your business. Any company who is starting your business wants to have your website, so the customers will have a glimpse of the experience or knowlegde of the place, and also this will make their decision easier if they want to go or hire that service. As a result of this, there is a high demand of websites to the web agencies, where they need to develop something pleasant, with great UI experience and as fast as possible.

This blog post will talk about the pros and cons of implementing Project Management that web agencies will have by including these concepts and process when they are developing and managing a website project.

PM Triangle

Advantages of Project Management

Project Management will help these agencies to have more accuracy on project’s plan. However, to include planning, document your development, define and improve the process of managing the project takes time, which could make the clients push agencies to do it faster. Otherwise, they would choose another company that can do the website faster.

Here are some advantages of using Project Management as a part of the website development :

  • More accuracy on how to estimate scope, time and cost of the project.

  • Documentation of the deliverables (User Guide and Technical Specification). This will make the clients do not depend on the agencies, in case they want to improve their website after the first deployment.

  • The project can be tracked easily. It is easier to identify if there are variations on the cost and time spent on each step of the project, therefore the answer to the variations could be given faster in order to keep what was planned.

  • With planning, the contract of service and the budget can predict any additional cost.

Disadvantages of Project Management

On the other hand, it is hard to follow what other business and/or marketing department want with a website. Most of their expectation is that web agencies deliver as fast as possible and that it must cost as low as possible. Add Project Management to a website develop could requiring the following steps :

  • The Project Manager will want to request some extra time to analyze the requirements and the business in order to develop the project’s scope.

  • Project’s contract could give some problems to clients if they want to add or change some of the requirements during the development. Depending on the type of business, some information could change during the project’s cycle and this would make the project be delayed and more expensive than the moment of the agreement.

  • Project’s process to manage the website development could not attend a fast demand from a client and lose an opportunity. Some companies, because of auditing, they must follow some steps, such as, to keep all documentation and management system information consistent.


Having a beautiful website delivered is not enough to make the customer happy with the experience to hire an agency to develop it.The whole experience during the project cycle is important. These companies have a big dilemma on how they will use Project Management. It is common sense, that is needed so that the company can be more profitable and make more clients based on the liability and quality of their projects.

Written by Daniel Fonseca