How to network on IT industry after you graduate


Nowadays, it is getting hard to find a job in the IT Industry. There are a bunch of job postings, which requires a lot of experience on a few technologies. This can scare people, who recently graduated from University, College and other Tech Courses. Moreover, just having the tech skills it is not enough to be employed. The companies are requiring people to have strong soft skills, willing to work in teams, learn about the company’s business, to be a good presenter, etc.

Hiring managers receive tons of resumes for a specific job posting. They can’t spend so much time looking for the job requirements in each resume. It is really important to stand out your skills in order to call the recruiters attention. If the recruiters like your approach for the job application, they will call you for an interview and will discard others resumes. This post is intent to help you on how to get your first interview. Here are a few tips that you can do for enhancing your resume :

Tips to stand out your resume:


  • Use an wonderful design. Do not download a sample template and add your content. If you have design skills, use that to do your resume. If don’t, ask for a designer to do a unique design for you. There are a lot of resume templates available on the Internet. Your resume can be discarded because the recruiter thought that the candidate applied more than one time, or they can think that you are not creative enough.

  • Recruiters might not read your cover letter If you want to show you are interested in the job, show this in your resume by standing out the skills that match with the job posting. If your cover letter is not in the package application file, there is a chance that the recruiter just read your resume.

  • Use your reference, whenever you have. If you already know someone who is already working in the company you are applying, include this information in your cover letter. Explain how this person is important to give more details about your skills and how he/she presented the company to you and how this makes you willing to work there.

  • Be specific and concise on showing your experience in your resume It is hard to explain in a few words how important

  • The most important thing is to understand your audience. Always do a research for the company you want work in order to understand their values, to know what kind of skills they are looking for, what recruiters want to see on your resumes, etc.


The use of Linkedin is really important to grow your network in order to find a job. Here are a few tips that you can do, so you will be able to be noticed on Linkedin by recruiters:

  • Tell to your audience what are your skills and which industry and people you want to connect on your headline.

  • Use a photo with a beautiful background and dressed professionally. Don’t use photos from your leisure, you must show your professionalism. However, don’t forget to smile. People want to see that you are happy to connect with them.

  • Use the Linkedin Messaging before you add someone on your network. If you send a message to someone you already know, write a message to make that person remember you. If you don’t know this person, introduce yourself and show to the person why are you connect with him/her and how is this connection is important to know more about the company you want to work, to get more information about the job, etc.

  • Use your Linkedin Messaging to follow up and ask for feedback after you had been interviewed

  • Follow the companies and the recruiters who are working on these companies in order to get noticed by them

  • Ask for recommendations about your skills by people who are already on your network

Look for meet up events.

BC Tech

There are a lot events where you can attend to understand what tech skills companies are looking for, how to develop and meet people who code in a particular programming language, advices on how to get a job, etc.

In Vancouver, some of the important events in city are hosted by BC Tech( and BC Jobs ( . A large number of Startups attend this event in order to explain how is the company business, what kind of technologies they use, how the team works, and etc. When you are approaching one of these companies on a job fair, always make questions about the company and try to make them notice that you can be a good asset to them. Also, subscribe to the BC tech and BC jobs in order to let you know when and where these events will happen, which companies will attend the event and what kind of jobs each company is looking for employees.

Other events that give advices on how to get a job, how to start coding and networking with people are published on Eventbrite and Meetup website. Search for groups that are offering meeting that matches with your interesting in order to learn and also to meet new people who already work in the industry.

Offer your knowledge and ask for opportunities while you are doing network.

While you are connecting with other people, try to identify how you can solve a problem from a company with your skills. If you are a Web Design/Developer, offer to redesign their page if you feel they need to do that. It is a good way to show that you can improve what is done. Also, you can use this approach to be noticed by people and companies.If there is not a job position for you in this moment, the company will find out a way to hire you, if they are impressed with your work. People will recommend your work to other employers if you helped them to solve a particular problem.

I hope with these advices you get more confident to receive a call to be interviewed soon!!!


Written by Daniel Fonseca