How to network on IT industry after you graduate

Introduction Nowadays, it is getting hard to find a job in the IT Industry. There are a bunch of job postings, which requires a lot of experience on a few technologies. This can scare people, who recently graduated from University, College and other Tech Courses. Moreover, just having the tech skills it is not enough to be employed. The companies are requiring people to have strong soft skills, willing to work in teams, learn about the company’s business, to be a good presenter, etc.

Ruby on Rails Installation

Introduction Ruby on Rails is being used for some of most of relevant companies in the world, such as Git Hub, AirBnb, Groupon, Hulu, etc. In addition, there is a high demand for Ruby on Rails on the labor market for web back-ending development. However, there are some languages in the market where you must take into account, before considering to use Ruby in your project. Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages of developing on Ruby on Rails :